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Download commando strike, a strategy game that you can't miss

The commando war game is considered one of the best war games recently released, as this game has won the admiration of millions of people all over the world because it is very similar to the well-known war game Peggy, but this game is different from others, as it is a very easy game and does not need the training to be able to learn how to shoot On the fighters, this game is also a multiplayer war game that includes a large group of fighters, you just have to turn on the internet and enjoy unparalleled war adventures.

It is the most powerful entertaining war game suitable for all ages and has won the admiration of millions of people in many parts of the world, and it is worth noting that it supports all Android phone operating systems, and it runs without any problem and it does not need to be registered in order to be able to run it, so we decided to know Together through this article about the important information about this game and also how to play it, its features and features as well, you should follow the following lines to learn more.

A brief summary of the game   Commando Strike for Android

You want to fight in a war game full of adventures, you want to play in multiplayer war games, you want to play a game similar to the well-known PUBG game, you have to download the free commando war game for Android as it is the most popular game since it was released in 2020 by developer Hazel Mobile Games Which has always been keen to update it and add many weapons and military equipment that help you kill fighters and win over them easily.

The game also has a large number of war levels that increase its difficulty the more you win in the previous levels, the number of players of this game has reached 100 million players from all over the world, and you may find that the game has war equipment and weapons that you can buy to increase your strength among the fighters, and more What distinguishes this game is its size, which does not exceed 30 MB, and therefore you can download it to your phone easily, and you do not need to remove the many applications so that your phone does not slow down after downloading it because it differs from the well-known PUBG game because it does not have many files to download on your phone and therefore does not affect its speed .

You just have to download the game and you will be able to enter the first level and play it very professionally, as it is suitable for all ages, and a group of new game modes have been added along with great places you can fight in battles, you will find that the game has a set of new tasks that you have to win to get There are great prizes, in addition to the possibility of getting gold coins if you play it continuously, and you may find that there are new war weapons that are not available in other war games so it was considered the best ever.

How to download Commando War game for Android

If you want to download this free game on your phone, you must enter the Google Play Store or follow the following simple steps, which are:

  • We have added a direct download link for the game at the bottom of the article, you can go to it and click on it.
  • You will be taken to the game page inside the Google Play Store and next to the game icon you will find the word Install.
  • Click on it and wait a few minutes for the download process to complete, go to make sure the game is on your phone for the home screen.
  • You will find the game icon in it, click on it and enjoy it.

What's new in commando strike 2021  

The developer of the game is constantly updating it and adding many things to it to impress its players and also to facilitate the process of winning at different levels, and among these things are the following:

  1. New modes have been added within the game.
  2. The developer has updated Boss Mission & Multiplayer shooting.
  3. New environments for multiplayer mode have been added.
  4. Add free new missions.
  5. There are shooting games added in the game that you can play without internet connection.
  6. Added many military equipment and weapons such as grenades and knife.
  7. New battlefields have been added.
  8. In-game sounds and sound effects have been improved.
  9. Dropper gift added out.
  10. A new shooting perspective has been added.

How to play Commando War game for Android

This game is very similar to the famous Buggy game in the way it is played, as it is also not devoid of the analog juicer that controls the movement right, left, forward and backward, and you will also find an icon for jumping and a special icon for switching military weapons besides that there is an icon for grenades, this game is a first-class war and does not need For many settings in order to be able to play it, you just have to point the weapon at the fighter and he will be shot directly at you with the correct aim of the weapon only, and after winning the first level available to you, you will be able to climb to the other levels and the more you win the levels the more difficult and also the more weapons you have, you can You collect all the weapons by just running on them and they will be collected automatically and you can switch between them easily and easily. You can also play with the fighters and test your concentration strength when you win them. You can also choose the right place to fight, as many places have been added inside the game.

Commando war game features latest version for Android

Within this game there are several distinctive features that make you learn how to choose weapons, places and patterns inside them before starting the entertaining war battle for you, and among these characteristics are the following:

  1. Daily Reward : The special gifts that you will get when completing the tasks required of you, when you win the different levels, or when you enter the game continuously. You will get them from here.
  2. Mission Selection : This game includes a large group of different levels in the number of fighters, as well as different in the number of weapons and war equipment, and all levels are unlocked until the first available levels are won.
  3. Weapon Selection : There are many war weapons inside this game, one of them is free and the other is paid. You can choose the free weapons and you can also buy what you want from modern weapons to help you win.
  4. Environment Selection : A selection of distinct battlefields and places has been added from which you can choose the battlefield that suits you, and there are free places and others that you can buy if you want to, as there are payment methods suitable for you to get more places to increase the difficulty of fighting between fighters.

Features of the commando war game for Android the latest version

This game has many features that made it one of the best modern and entertaining games that suit different ages, and the features of this game are as follows:

  • The game is free and available to download on Android phones.
  • The game includes a large collection of weapons and military equipment.
  • Inside the game there are a large number of levels.
  • There are free boss tasks that can be easily and easily implemented.
  • There are different places and battlefields within the game that can be played.
  • You can buy many more powerful weapons to increase the chance of winning over the fighters.
  • There are many modes within the game.
  • The available shooting game is free and you can play it without an internet connection.
  • The game size is small, very suitable for phones with small space.
  • There are many gifts and prizes inside the game.