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Download game ladybird and cat noir 2022

The ladybird game is one of the best adventure games spread on Android phones and iPhones. It is similar to the Subway game, but in a new way and has wonderful and entertaining features. You have to collect many things to be collected. You have to choose the character of your beloved ladybug where there is a group of them that you can switch between them easily and easily, What distinguishes the Ladybug and Cat Noir games is the determination of the requirements for winning the levels of the game to rise to the higher level.

It is worth noting that this game is available to download on the Google Play Store and the App Store for both Android and iPhone phones, and it is worth noting that this game supports the English language, but it is easy for you to deal with, as there are visual signals for easy playing, and if you want to download the paid version, you can do that only on you Pay the required fees to upgrade and get additional benefits, so we will learn together through today's article about the most important technical information about the game besides knowing its features and how to play it, you should follow us through the above lines to learn more.

A brief introduction to Ladybug and Cat Noir games

The ladybird game is part of the wonderful and distinctive ladybird games that support all Android and iPhone operating systems. It is an adventure and speed game where you need speed in assembling things and avoiding barriers and cars on the road. This game is designed in the streets of Paris. You can roam all its streets by winning levels The different levels, most of what distinguishes this game is the multiplicity of levels, and the more you move from one level to the highest you find difficulty in the next level as it needs more speed and therefore you have to pay attention.

It is worth noting that this game is available for all ages, young and old, and it is a very entertaining game and has won the admiration of nearly 100,000 players from all over the world, although the black cat game is modern and has been released since 2018, it was put in comparison with the game Subway due to its many levels and its very distinctive design, and despite its large size of 173 MB, it does not cause any slowdown in the device and does not cause any problem when running it, and Crazy Labs by TabTale has distinctively designed the game.

This game is very simple and anyone can understand it from just visual cues or through his knowledge of similar games such as Subway, but the difference is that the levels of the game ladybird are specific. When you finish the number of things that you must collect, you move directly to the other level and get multiple prizes, As for the rest of the games, they are not limited to a time or a certain number of things collected, and it is worth noting that the music of the game is great, next to the game store, in which you will find many things that make it easier for you to win levels that you can buy.

How to download the black cat game for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can enter the App Store to download the game and search for it, but if you want to download it directly in less time, you can follow these steps:

You will find a direct download link for the game located at the bottom of the article, click on it and wait a few minutes for the direct download page to be loaded on the App Store.

Click on install the game and wait another few minutes for the download process to be completed.

You can run the game easily and conveniently on your phone because it supports all iPhone operating systems.

How to download the game Ladybird on Android phones

The download process does not take minutes and you will find the game on your phone, but if you do not know how to search for the game, you can perform these steps and you will get it immediately, namely:

  1. We added a link to download the game Ladybug and Cat Noir from the Google Play Store at the link at the bottom of the article.
  2. Click on this link if you want to download directly, you will be taken immediately to the download page.
  3. Click on the word “Install” on the page, wait for the process to be completed, and then search for the game icon on your phone screen. You will find it, click on it and run it easily.

How to register in ladybird games for android

The registration process within the game does not require you to any of your data and you do not want your e-mail, it just wants you to write your age so that you can enter the game and play it easily and simply.

How to play the game Ladybug and Cat Noir for Android, the latest version

Ladybird is one of the simple but fun games that contains a set of levels and a group of wonderful and entertaining adventures. The character of the ladybird is similar to the Subway character, where you run when starting in the different levels and find that the ladybird runs to collect things around her to win the levels, you have to move the ladybird left and right To avoid the barriers and obstacles that accept the ladybird while running, you will also find many obstacles that you can jump over or go down below. These obstacles must be avoided to win all levels of the game and you will find many buildings and cars that meet you while playing. You also have to avoid them, the higher you go up to the higher level, the more Difficulty levels and increased speed of the ladybird.

Features of the game ladybird 2021

This game is very distinctive in terms of its characteristics, where you will find wonderful features, including the following:


It contains a set of various features besides the game levels that have been placed in many places in the streets of Paris, in addition to other features, namely:

  1. Vip: You can upgrade the game Ladybird to the paid version so that you can find many characters in it, along with other features that you can only find in the paid version.
  2. Play: When you click on it, you will start playing the next level.
  3. Shop: You can buy the energy you need to collect as many things as possible, as well as by many characters that are not available for free, buy prizes, and you can get a free pass by watching the in-game videos.
  4. Gifts: Here you will find free prizes that you can get and collect.
  5. Settings: You can control the activation of game music and game sounds that are made during gameplay.

Features of the game Ladybird for Android

This game has won the admiration of millions of people around the world due to the presence of many great features in it, here are these advantages:

  1. The game is available for free for all Android and iPhone phones.
  2. The game supports all Android and iPhone operating systems.
  3. The size of the game is suitable for smartphone versions, as it does not affect the speed of the phone.
  4. You can control the ladybird's movement by pressing left and right on the phone screen.
  5. It has many wonderful levels and is characterized by its attractive design.
  6. There are many free and non-free ladybug characters that you can buy from the store.
  7. There are many rewards that you can get when you win the different levels.
  8. You can play it without an internet connection.
  9. The registration process within the game is very easy, you only need to write your age.