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Online CCTV sites

Surveillance cameras on the Internet

It is not surprising that we find online surveillance cameras are the best solution for homeowners and companies, as the great demand for smartphones and laptops has made the world seek to make online surveillance easy, as people want to access their security cameras so that they can work without worrying about their own property, so we find some sites that provide this service on the web, and the following are mentioned:

Insecam site

It is the largest directory around the world that provides security cameras through the Internet, where a person can select a country, and then he will watch live footage of the streets, traffic, and the beach, and he can also find more than one type of camera such as ( Panasonic, ( Sony), And (Foscam), and other network video cameras that are online, and do not need a password, in addition, it is preferable to use the (Mozilla Firefox) browser to view them, and it is worth noting that these cameras are only available for public life, and do not attribute the private life of any individual. [1]


It is one of the leading companies that provide web-camera technology services, as it was founded in 1996 to connect people through live camera technology, which was one of the innovative means at the time. Its headquarters is located in northern New Jersey and has 12 additional offices around the world. And then was created to be a global network that provides direct and easy-to-operate webcams, to become a means of transportation for people to destinations that may be difficult or impossible to actually go to, as it provides a virtual window for it, in addition to that this website derives revenue Its own license to license its cameras content and ads. [2]

video surveillance

It is the expert in the field of online surveillance, as it is the home of seasoned experts who give their time to meet the needs of people when it comes to online surveillance cameras, as the employees of this company have more than 50 years of experience in the industry, they are taking advantage of this The expertise is to help people get the best security experience through the web, and they offer free shipping for all types of cameras in the USA. [3]

Live  CCTV sites 

If a person is looking for the possibility of monitoring his work or his home over the Internet, some sites offer this feature through experts specialized in this field for many years, but all that the individual has to buy and install the cameras, and then he will get the necessary support in all matters And even maintenance, so these websites are mentioned:

CCTV Camera World website

This site is primarily a seller of security cameras, and other systems and all things related to them, as it provides products that are guaranteed in terms of security for homeowners and companies, as it offers all types with different sizes and shapes, and all systems are prepared to be suitable for remote viewing, And that is regardless of wherever a person is around the world, in addition to the fact that the site offers the customer the ease of viewing through any device, whether it is a tablet, a laptop, or a smartphone, in addition to the fact that the technical support of the site is very wonderful, as the support team He spends a lot of time serving customers, helping out with anything they might need. [4]

Supercircuits website

It is one of the leading companies that has been recognized at the national level in terms of visual and audio surveillance solutions using the latest innovative technologies, for 25 years they have been working on preparing solutions based on meeting the specific needs of customers, and the website completes the wide plan of its high-quality products from By providing great guarantees in this field, in addition to providing technical support for long periods of up to life. It is worth noting that the company was established in 1989 AD, but the Carlyle Group purchased it in 2006 AD, and finally, the headquarters was moved to Austin, Texas in 2007 AD.

Surveillance camera locations around the world

At the present time, security has become of great importance, as the appointment of security guards in any place is one of the traditional means, as, in addition to that, auxiliary monitoring methods should be provided, and surveillance cameras provide security because they are installed, in addition to that in many incidents of theft Or crimes, strategically placed surveillance systems were among the largest means that provided basic evidence, so everyone should start buying surveillance cameras for home or work and follow up on the Internet, and here are a group of sites that provide live broadcasts for them:

Security Camera King

This site is located in Florida in the United States of America, and this website offers surveillance cameras at a high level of security, in addition to the ability to watch them online, besides that the prices are very simple, as well as the platform offers high definition systems, as well as systems ( IP) at the prices at which they are made, as they are experts in this area of ​​the industry, and have a great passion for what they offer.

CCTV Security Pros website

The surveillance camera systems of this site are trusted by more than 60,000 universities, companies, dorm clients, and government facilities, as the live broadcasts provided by their cameras are of high quality, in addition to a warranty of up to 3 years, in addition to a money-back guarantee.

Website Technical support is available all the time by a group of experts in the industry.

Caught on Camera

It is one of the largest sites that offer the installation and installation of live broadcast surveillance systems, as their cameras are always of high quality, and keeping the home or workplace safe is a responsibility for them, so specialists design systems according to the customer's request and the environment that will be placed It also accommodates the budget provided by the client, and provides security solutions for all commercial customers.

IDIS website

This company is the largest video surveillance company in South Korea, and has manufacturing headquarters and facilities outside Seoul, in addition to operating in more than 50 countries, and more than 100 strategic partners, so it is a global leader in providing direct digital surveillance solutions, along with more than 16.5 million cameras that use this technology, as its site provides high-quality and comprehensive monitoring for all needs.