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how to download cooking fever game for Android and iPhone

A cooking or cooking game where all children are similar to each other in their love for cooking games of various kinds, especially girls, by adding different ingredients, a delicious recipe will be made, and this is what they prefer, such as the distinctive cooking fever game, if you want to learn cooking, you can download the application and start it, while enjoying a lot of Other advantages as well as the design of your own restaurant, as it is not limited to a specific age group.

Kinds of cooking game

Cooking games are one of the most important genres that have greatly influenced the hearts of many. Those of us who have not played them at some point, our childhood witness to all of this, along with other games.

If you want to bring back these beautiful memories, then through our topic we will present one of the most important cooking games that work on different operating systems, whether on the phone or on the computer, which is Cooking Fever.

What is a cooking fever cooking game?

Cooking Fever game came to announce that it is one of the most important and most interesting games, it is a restaurant for the fast-food industry of all kinds.

And you have to present it to satisfy all the customers so that they come out of it happily, you have to be very careful about that to upgrade all the services of the restaurant.

In the beginning, everything will be small and you cannot make more meals for customers, but when you work and continue to play, you will be able to make whatever you want until the number of meals reaches 400 different types.

The game is very easy and you will quickly realize what the customer wants because the food will appear above his head, and you have to quickly fulfill his order.

And then earn money from it to help you buy tools and upgrade your place, and the game is widely accepted by everyone for its simplicity and distinctive graphics.

Cooking Fever Story

The first steps in the game are to join a professional chef during his tours, in the beginning, everything will be very little, as you will start with a single restaurant, and when you continue and gain money and experience, you will be available to open a whole series.

You have to design as you like as well as make meals yourself and uniquely to win.

One of its most important benefits is that you will learn how to cook food in real life as a real experience, download new cooking games, and enjoy it.

Features of cooking fever cooking game

A very large number of downloads for the first time reached 100 million, and it also received a very high rating, in addition to the many features that it carries inside.

You have to live this experience to own a new restaurant until you reach a large chain, and the most important advantages are the following:

  • discover ingredients

At first, you will be able to discover all the components around you.

Where the game makes a tour for them to get to know everything.

And also the manufacture of meals in a distinctive way to achieve customer satisfaction, the number of ingredients reaches 200 ingredients.

  • International recipes

Many recipes can be learned within the game, and they belong to the most famous restaurants around the world.

As you reach 500 dishes or more, you can learn it all and we advise you to try the best cooking game ever.

  • time management

One of the most important factors of success is good time management, it is necessary to have the speed to fulfill all the requirements of your customers quickly to gain their satisfaction, and also to make money.

  • free game

One of the most important features of the game is that it is completely free to get as soon as you install it from the store.

It is available for all operating systems, you can download it immediately by clicking on the direct download link left below.

  • multistage

The stages can be greatly varied until you reach over 1,000 levels.

What distinguishes it is that it is not repetitive at all, but each of them is different from the other, meaning that it will live in another very different world within it

  • Other advantages

  1. It is available for all age groups of girls and boys.
  2. Help children learn to cook.
  3. What makes it better than any other game is that it can be played without an internet connection, but it may need some time.
  4. Downloaded on all types of operating systems.
  5. There are many machines for making ice cream, cooking rice, cooking popcorn, making coffee, making pancakes, pizza, and fish frying.
  6. Various tools of spoons, knives, trays, and other tools.
  7. Easy to download.
  8. You don't need a lot of space to download.
  9. Having multiple tasks makes it very fun.
  10. The presence of graphic elements and distinctive graphics give a beautiful appearance.
  11. A soundtrack that gives an appropriate ambiance to it.
  12. Very easy requirements to match different devices.

How to play in Cooking Fever

Now we have to know how to play inside the cooking fever, you have to remember well that it is very special and simple that does not require an effort but is entertaining.

And you can get addicted to it, and the ways come in this way:

  1. You can use your fingers to control it if you are playing on the phone.
  2. In the case of playing on the computer, you have to use the keyboard.
  3. Another way is to play through the PlayStation using the arm called the Gamepad, which helps to move through the keys and arrows.

Cooking fever game modes

When entering the game for the first time, you will find that it contains 3 basic modes, we can identify them in this way:

  1. The first: is called the city mode and there are up to 11 restaurants in it.
  2. The second: Is on the island of Paradise and consists of nine restaurants.
  3. Third: The mountains put the best conditions, and it contains 10 restaurants inside.

Disadvantages of Cooking Fever

Despite all the above-mentioned features, it has a few flaws, but it is not very influential, and it does not extend from the technical side.

When it comes in the lack of availability in the Arabic language, although it is in all other foreign languages, we hope to solve it shortly to be without problems in addition to some other defects, namely:

  • It is possible to move to another place only after fulfilling the required level.
  • You may notice something else while walking around.

Steps to turn on notifications in Cooking Fever

Now we will show how to turn on notifications for the kitchen game, on the phone with the Android operating system, as follows:

  1. First, go to the settings on the phone.
  2. Then select Notifications.
  3. During the list of applications, the game is selected.
  4. start to run.
  5. And the same steps on the phone that works on the iPhone.

Steps to get gems from Cooking Fever

You can now get many gems and gold coins from within the game, when you perform some tricks, namely:

  • Download the game through the direct link.
  • You open it for the first time.
  • Cooking Fever Hack Tool.
  • Log in to it.
  • Choose one of the features and press "Correction" until you reach 100%.
  • Then you close it and turn it back on again and you will find many gems.

Do you need a cooking game to connect to the internet

This question is of great interest to many, as many games need the presence of the Internet.

They also worry about consuming more phone data or withdrawing credit, but it requires an internet connection and may consume fewer data due to getting some features and rewards.

In the end, we highly recommend you to download the cooking fever game with beautiful features, and we invite you to live a new and fun experience to learn about cooking and the most delicious dishes around the world.