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Best car games for PC 2022 with a direct link for free

If you want to download car games for PC  and want to find the best of these games, there are a lot of them and they are widespread, so we are going to pick the most important of these games for us to download and enjoy.

We will choose for you popular and interesting computer games of cars according to the opinion of users, as well as try to bring free games whenever possible, we will talk about each game separately, we will talk about the advantages of each game in detail, we will talk about how to play it, how to download it also, and we will mention the links for these games So that we can only download them, and we will also talk about the flaws of these games if they have flaws, and we will try as much as possible to provide games that emphasize intelligence and competition that convey the spirit of the group and create an atmosphere for interaction and beautiful competition between adults and children.

We will try to make these games suitable for all ages and also suitable for all devices.

Download the Fernbus Simulator game

The mini-bus simulator is one of the most popular car games in the world, especially transport and smash games. By driving, you control everything that happens around you, there are certain stations at which you can stop to pick up passengers from this station, usually, you can take a city tour, thanks to which you will achieve the ability to unload passengers at the desired place, which appears in front of the screen, in This game, you go to a huge new world in super beautiful cities, and in this game you feel like in a real place, riding a real bus and real vision. People, it makes you feel more excited so it strongly mimics reality.

Importance of Fernbus Simulator:

When you download the bus simulator for PC, you will find many things that will make you feel very fun while playing because it is different from the games in the same field and you can do quick work when you control the speed of the bus you are driving in the game, and with it, you can ride the bus perfectly, so that in this game you can To make you feel like you are doing exciting and fun activities, as well as many cool aspects of this game, so that you can win this game. The game is the title of the favorite premium driver and you can drive a two-door or three-door bus and other very realistically detailed cars, all of which you will find in this bus simulator game. And in this game, you have to calm the angry passengers and you can also do an easy and simple operation by fixing the doors that pissed off the passengers because they can break your knees and you also have to fix the ticket sale properly, they make you work hard. The more successful you become, the more ads and sponsors you get, it will save you a lot of money, you can upgrade your bus, etc. Yours if it fades from your point of view.

Features of Downloading Bus Simulator

  1. Bus simulator is a very special game, in this game you get into a leper, all this and much more feels real, that's what makes the game more fun and exciting.
  2. In this game, the sound effects are clear, accurate, and clean, and the visual elements of this game are very clear.
  3. Your task is to transport your passengers at a specific time that the game sets for you, which is fun and exciting and enhances the spirit of competition.
  4. You can download Bus Simulator simply and straightforwardly, due to its small size.
  5. This game is one of the most emulated and considered top-notch.
  6. There are six special games in this game. And the public bus, this game is full of fun and enjoyment, and this party has two or three doors.

Download GTA 9 original version

The original GTA 9 game for PC, is one of the most important and most exciting games, as it is fast and very different cars, and it differs from the rest of the games that belong to the GTA version, and in this version, many developments appeared. Every detail of this game of all kinds even the clothes of the passengers have been changed. These things made it more special and different, and this version also became small in size, spread widely, and downloaded on any computer no matter how weak its capabilities. Singles without internet, and you can play with your friends, it requires an internet connection or online to chat with friends while playing, and in this game, you choose the city you like and you like to roam among the many cities available in this game.

Features of downloading GTA 9 for PC 

  1. You can download GTA 9 from Mediafire because its size is too small for weak devices and it does not require large or high requirements.
  2. This game supports Android systems, supports Windows systems, so the player can download it on all devices.
  3. This game supports high-quality graphics and makes the game look real, especially when the day and night change and the weather changes.
  4. The game works by keeping your levels and desires to resume the game at any time.
  5. The GTA 9 edition is in line with the latest brands of luxury cars and motorcycles and that's what makes it great.
  6. This game has a large and beautiful collection of cars, weapons, and clothes which add to the fun of the game.

Download GTA 8 for PC from Mediafire

GTA 8For PC is one of the most popular games offered by Rockstar, the popular and well-known GTA game series. The problems have been fixed in the previous version so it is very different in all its versions and we rarely find flaws in them the download of this game depends on the device system but one of the best things about this game is that it is compatible with most of the computer systems and all the different Windows and the game is multi-players, so it is spread among millions of players who love GTA game around the world, and the user does not find any penalties when downloading this game, its size is very small, it can reach 377 MB which is very small size for PC, and this game has many Great Features, it is free without any money when you download it is totally different from all light car games and as time goes by. by. The more difficult this game is.

Explanation of the game GTA 8 for PC and laptop from Mediafire

This game is one of those in which the same player carries the spirit of competition and challenge, a war that is fought for survival, and when playing it the player wins in many American and European cities. Which we find inside this game and you can select them when you level up. And the higher you level up, the more new big cities will appear, this game does not require an internet connection when you play unless you want to play with your friends and each gang member breathe together.

Features of downloading GTA 8 on PC

  1. GTA 8 is one of the games that get great improvements and additions from time to time.
  2. This game is small and light in size, so you don't need big and high demands on your business.
  3. This game contains a large collection of cities with different beautiful architectural shapes.
  4. This game has a wide range of different new weapons, including missiles and heavy machine guns.
  5. You can download this game for free.
  6. The graphics in this game are of high quality, so you can feel that you have come to reality in this game, and it gives you great fun and enjoyment.

Download Driver San Francisco game highly compressed with one direct link for PC

Driver San Francisco is one of the best and most outstanding car racing games in which the player works by following the instructions until they solve the problems that allow them to score points, one of the most important ones. points:

The importance of downloading the game Driver San Francisco 

When you download this game, the look of the game is different from normal, it was made in a way that keeps us away from boredom, and the player in this game does not make his own decisions, but rather makes his decisions from the game. participants. From the gang where one of the members is as if in some way inside this game, you have to consult with the gang if this is the right way or not, and after the player loads the game, he has to do everything. The decisions that the gang makes on the face of society and he has to do the quick operations that his gang asks and you have a row of points when you escape from the police and this is the main objective of this game you get higher points. This makes you feel the fun that appears at some point, also in this game, you are fully adapted to the reality when you are running and running or driving a car or you feel like you are in the real world and you are driving a real car quite similar to what we see in our life. There is no difference between them and reality, except for slight differences.

This game has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • It is considered one of the best card games in the world.
  • This game is small in size and very light in weight, it does not need a lot of time to download and it does not need a lot of space so that we can download it and start playing and enjoying it, and this is very important, many searches for this, it does not need high capabilities in the computer or laptop.
  • San Francisco driver is compatible with most Windows operating systems, which makes it easy to enjoy and download the game.
  • You can download this game for your computer simply and without difficulty and search.

In conclusion, we have presented you with a very important collection of car games for PC, we have selected very different games that both adults and children will like, they are free and small in size, so we can only download them to the computer. We also mentioned some of the features of these games as we mentioned how to deal with them. And the content of these games is detailed so that we can play them without resorting to training, very fun games that simulate reality. , where the player feels fun and excitement.