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When was the world's first camera invented?

A camera is a tool for documenting the stages of life that we go through, and thanks to the smartphones that everyone carries that contain more than one camera, people were able to record the most important and most beautiful moments they go through to retrieve them at any time, but what is the history of the camera? Who is the inventor of the camera ?, When Invented the first camera in the world? All these questions and more will be answered in the next report.

The history of the photographic camera

When was the world's the first camera invented? The history of the photographic camera, the camera obscura, and the pinhole camera dates back to the Greeks and Chinese, where the Chinese philosopher Mo Zi was the first person to write the principles of the mysterious shadow, and that was from about 391 BC.

He also wrote the Greek philosopher Aristotle wondering why the sun appears round, even when viewed through a rectangular aperture?

What is the mystery behind the camera?

It is a natural optical phenomenon by projecting an image onto one side of the screen, through an aperture on a surface opposite the aperture, and the resulting projection is inverted.

Camera obscura: A term that appeared in the 16th century, referring to a box, tent, or room prepared for such expectations. [1]

pinhole camera

The pinhole camera consists of a dark room, with a small hole punched in one of the walls, later turned into a box, the light enters from outside the room and a luminous beam falls on the opposite wall, so it shows the illuminated projection an inverted image, but on the condition that the hole is perfect gives definition and brightness enough for the picture. [1]

The difference between a blackout camera and a pinhole camera

When was the world's the first camera invented? Dimming the camera uses the lens, while the pinhole camera is a similar device but the difference is that with an open aperture, this technology spread in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when artists used these devices to display drawings that can be traced, but they met one problem which was there was no way to save images.

Apps that used the pinhole camera

  1. The pinhole camera was used to observe the sun, its movement, and its eclipse, without having to look directly at it.
  2. Solar systems using a hole-punch approach have been incorporated into architectural construction.
  3. Artists of the seventeenth century used optical technology, such as the pinhole camera, to obscure the proportions of their paintings, as well as to convey some intricate detail. [2]

When was the world's the first camera invented?

When was the world's the first camera invented? The French inventor Joseph Nikevor Niepce, using the first homemade camera to create photography, produced the first successful partial photograph in 1816 on silver-chloride-coated paper. Gamma rays are normally absorbed by the lenses used in modern cameras. [1]

Camera development stages

The camera has passed since its first inception in the fourth century BC by the Chinese philosopher Han Mozi

To this day in many stages, including:

The first mysterious camera

When was the world's the first camera invented? The Chinese philosopher Mozi was the first to document the natural optical phenomenon known as camera obscurity.

  • The first camera applications were 1502 AD

The concept of the camera obscura had no practical purpose until the time of the Renaissance. The most famous painters of the Renaissance used the camera obscura to track scenes before painting them.

  • The invention of photographic cameras in 1816

The French inventor Nikephore Niepce is considered the first to take the first picture, and he is the one who developed solar photography. He is the first to invent photography, using the small camera he made himself and a piece of paper coated with silver chloride. When silver chloride darkens and is exposed to light, he can capture the scene clearly. But he was met with one problem, which was the impossibility of removing the remaining undiscovered silver chloride, which resulted in the entire image appearing in black.

  • The first publicly available photocopy of 1833

When was the world's the first camera invented? Scientists continued to develop the camera by discovering and experimenting with new materials. After the death of Nikephore Niepce, the scientist Louise Daguerre was able to discover the first photographic process in the world in 1833 AD, using a silver-coated copper plate treated with iodine vapor, thus he was able to capture a clear and permanent image, and it became This invention was made public in 1839 and was called the daguerreotype.

Inventor Henry Fox Talbot invented another similar type of the photographic camera in 1840. This type of camera is simple in design but requires high-quality lenses and plates.

  • The first movie camera was 1859

Now that it has been discovered how to take pictures successfully, cameras have developed rapidly, and in 1859 the inventor Thomas Sutton obtained a patent for the first-ever panoramic camera and the idea of ​​​​creating it was based on the use of a wide-angle lens consisting of a glass ball filled with water, and then two years later i.e. In 1861, inventor Oliver Wendell Holmes invented the stereoscopic display.

  • Child of George Eastman 1888

Inventor George Eastman made a big leap in the camera industry when he introduced his first Kodak camera, the first camera used in celluloid film.

  • The brownie is the first mass-market camera in 1900

George Eastman was also the owner of the idea of ​​inventing the brownie camera in 1900, which is the first widely marketed camera in the world, where people were able through this small size camera and the right price to take many pictures, as the brownie camera achieved huge sales until the sixties of the century the past.

  • The first 35mm film camera was 1910

In 1910, German engineer Oskar Barnack experimented with the next generation of cameras, using a 35 mm kinescope for still cameras.

The first-ever SLR camera

The first everyday reflex camera dates back to the late 1920s.

SLR 1948 Single Lens Reflex Cameras

The first single-lens reflex camera was manufactured in Hungary in 1948 by Gamma Duflex.

Digital cameras after World War II

After World War II, the SLR camera became the most popular type of camera, as these cameras feature the ability for photographers to see the image before it is taken.

  • The first Polaroid camera was 1948

Edwin Land introduced his Polaroid camera in 1948, with which photographers took a picture and printed it in a few minutes.

  • The first digital camera system 1975

Invented by engineer Stephen Sasson

The first camera to use an image sensor instead of a film, it is the first-ever self-contained digital camera and the first of its kind in the world.

In the mid-nineties, many different digital cameras appeared on the market, and examples of these cameras are Sony, Casio, Apple, Kodak

Smartphones of the twenty-first century

When was the world's the first camera invented? In 2000, the Japanese company Sharp introduced the world's first camera phone, and in 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone with the massive development of the mobile camera in the world.

Now millions of people can take thousands of photos with their smartphones.

In this simple report, we presented the details of an invention that is easy for the whole world to document the important events it is going through, and the stages of its development, and to answer the question of when the world's the first camera was invented?