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Types and shapes of Samsung surveillance cameras

Samsung surveillance cameras have features that make them leading cameras in the world of surveillance, especially since Samsung is characterized by distinct screens and cameras.

What distinguishes Samsung cameras for surveillance

The accuracy of the shooting done by the camera. The quality of lighting helps to improve the image that is being photographed. The long life of the camera makes these cameras distinct cameras in the operational life of the cameras. The brand that these cameras carry makes the customer resort to them with confidence because of the pioneering work that this camera does by installing this camera in the place to be monitored.

The guarantee that Samsung gives on its products from surveillance cameras makes these cameras ahead of other global surveillance cameras, and this guarantee that Samsung gives on its cameras is considered one of the best guarantees in the world, as this company gives a guarantee on surveillance products that extends this guarantee to Three years and this is what distinguishes these cameras from other cameras that give a warranty less than that. And other features that distinguish this camera from other cameras.

Compatibility of Samsung surveillance cameras with Samsung mobile phones

And because Samsung does not work in the field of cameras only, but also works in the field of phones, Samsung has created cameras that can communicate directly with Samsung phones and through the applications that are displayed on the mobile, in which the link between surveillance cameras and mobile phones, and therefore Samsung is considered the company Distinguished in this field, Samsung cameras are high-brand and registered cameras, and they are considered of the high-priced category, and this is due to the distinguished industry in which this camera was made, which makes it a high-priced and high-quality camera.

When you think about installing surveillance cameras, you must put Samsung surveillance cameras among your choices, because these cameras perform the best for photography and give photography a different meaning from the rest of the surveillance cameras.

The feature of operating Samsung cameras via the Internet

Some people ask about the online surveillance camera system, and this system is considered one of the advanced systems in the world of surveillance pursued by scientific manufacturing companies, which is linking the surveillance video to the Internet to be monitored globally, and therefore this is a new revolution in the world of surveillance, which is linking the Internet to surveillance cameras to be monitored Place online from anywhere in the world.

How to install Samsung cameras through the Internet

The installation companies that specialize in installing surveillance cameras connect the cameras to the device for broadcasting the net, and this is after installing the surveillance cameras and making these cameras and connecting them to the DVR devices for analyzing the image that the camera captured, and through the DVR device it is connected to the Internet through the internet cable that It connects the internet router with the DVR. Surveillance cameras can be connected to a smart card called the DVR card, and this card is connected to the computer, and this card works as the DVR device.

The DVR device settings for connecting the device to the Internet are set. It is possible to connect the Internet directly to the device via USB, the Internet, but if the Internet is connected to the device through the router, in this case, the settings of the DVR are set to work with the Internet, and by adjusting the settings, the IP of the DVR is copied and copied to be placed in the Determine the router settings and access the cameras from the Internet through the IP of the DVR.