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how to win robux in roblox

What is Robux in ROBUX?

Robux is the name of the paid currency within the  ROBUX game, these coins are used to buy in-game items and level up to advance in the game and when you buy Robux you can also get tokens and items but faster than others and you are more entitled than people who don't win.

Robux can also be purchased within the game and retrieve the package price and amount from within the game Robux through the menu on the page.

How to win free Robux in Roblox 2021

This game does not give profit, but with its new update, you can get more than 2000 Robux profits when you install some of the applications for games and always get points, then you start playing inside the game and then reach a specific use of the level, and these applications include:

Jetpack Chicken app

You can use this application to get free Robux or a lot of coins that can be exchanged in simple steps:

  • Second, go to the game app and choose the theme and name you want to play with for 25 minutes.
  • Third, start flying inside the game, but the flight is up and you can learn a lot of information from the application when you escape from the game and enter again and win Robux for free, then when you win, level multipliers occur.
  • Note: This app cannot be deleted before at least 15 minutes to achieve the maximum estimation of Robux profit.

Strong Granny app

This application works to give several points to make a profit within the game and also win free Robux in the game Roblox 2022 from the steps of using the application:

  1. First, download the powerful Granny app and locate access to your Android phone through the link that is attached to the app.
  2. Secondly, start playing and during the game, there will be obstacles that you identify to avoid and it is possible to specify them all in one direction.
  3. Third, increase the speed and buy a lot of transportation, preferably planes, to increase profits within the game.
  4. Fourth, when collecting 1000 coins and reaching high-profit levels, be very careful until converting them to Robux when a green indicator known as converting to Robux appears.

Free Robux Lotto

This application is downloaded on the phone for free and thanks to this application, you can earn free Robux this is unique to many subscribers, but the subscriber must have a credit card so that he can pay and reach high levels within the game.

One of the features of this application is that it has a surprise opening game such as a lottery game, casino game, and many other special games through which you can win the game with free Robux through the image recognition game.

It is possible to choose any number of these games that are customized, but this application has drawbacks, including that it contains a lot of ads, and the steps to start using this application are the following:

  • First, click on the link in the Google Play Store and then install the application.
  • Secondly, when you open the application and start, the screen will appear and contain many special games. 
  • Third, choose the game that will help to win and give free Robux, and when a win occurs every time you will get diamonds and this will help in collecting a lot of diamonds.
  • Fourth, use the diamonds that you have collected and turn them into Robux, easily when using the application itself and not resorting to another application.

Robux Master App

When you download this application, you can get free Robux for a month. This application provides ten questions, and these questions need to be answered to get free Robux to start using the application, you must follow the following steps:

  • First, download the application through Google Play for Android phones and the App Store for iPhone phones. 
  • Secondly, I start the game, which is by answering the questions posed by the application, they are ten questions, but it is possible to answer more than that to get Robux.
  • Third, after answering the questions you will recharge free Roblox and add Robux codes.

Wheel Robux / Win Spin Free

This application is also profitable Robux and it is one of the free applications in Roblox 2021 The application can be won and reach high levels and get five stars and after two days of playing the Robux is obtained and then you download it from the in-app link by downloading.