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How to earn from the lights platform?

The Adware platform is one of the modern platforms that are linked to Snapchat, and it is an entertainment platform in the first place, as it collects the most interactive and entertaining clips on Snapchat, and works to limit all the videos and events shared by users of the site so that the publication of the content is entertaining so that the platform can publish it, there is a financial return from these views on the videos and content provided.

The Adware platform is a gateway to Snapchat discovery, where it is possible to view all the events published by Snapchat users and content makers on the program, and it is not required that the person be famous or known, but what matters is that the content he provides is acceptable by the terms and conditions issued by the platform.

Presentation on the platform

The application is made on Snapchat's Adwaa platform, and many profits are obtained by publishing videos, on the platform, but many criteria and conditions must be followed for people to profit through the videos presented on Adware.

Also, content makers on the platform must be at least thirteen years old, and have their own content able to submit it, as the lights platform completely prohibits the use of other people’s content, and also prohibits the use of the same content twice or more, so you must see The criteria and conditions necessary to register and display videos for individuals to profit from the platform [1].

Lights platform terms

  • To register on the Adwaa platform, you must send videos of the user from Snapchat to the platform, for the user to have the opportunity to get money from the platform, as the platform grants large and variable amounts to content makers.
  • There are a set of instructions that must be viewed for the videos that are sent to the Adwaa platform to be accepted and to start profiting from them. These instructions are:
  • The videos uploaded to Snapchat must be vertically displayed, and the videos must be animated and audible, even if Snapchat does not accept videos with still images.
  • It should be noted that videos with blurry images, blurred images, or inaudible sounds are not accepted on the platform, so you must ensure the quality of the videos produced by content creators on Snapchat.
  • The maximum duration of a Snapchat video is sixty seconds, i.e. a minute the content creator on Snapchat must appear creative, summarizing what he wants to reach the audience.
  • Applicants to the Adwaa platform must have a sense of creativity, as the platform is concerned with creativity in the first place, as people use creative elements, images, titles, and all the elements that help to bring out the topics better with complete elements.
  • You should avoid posting repetitive content on the program, as this is contrary to the rules of the platform and is not charged by it. [2] .
  • The platform prevents people from violating rights, and preserves the copyright, as the original content must be published from its original sources, and the music that is private and licensed by the platform must be adhered to without using others.
  • You must commit not to infringe the rights of others, to delete all content belonging to other people in case it is found that it is not creative clips by users.
  • There are several safety requirements and standards, where you must comply with the instructions for social communication, meaning that the content provided is suitable for an audience over the age of thirteen.
  • The platform does not allow working in things that are not compatible with social communication, such as photography in gambling communities and other prohibited materials or materials that are contrary to public and recognized morals, and the use of alcohol and harmful things is prohibited.
  • You must stay away from content that contains deceptive clips, and it is strictly forbidden to deceive people with money, science, or public health, as well as political deception, or identity deception.
  • It is forbidden to market products through the platform, and it is called attraction, where one of the conditions of the platform is not to attract people towards any of the products, and it must completely prevent marketing or support by a company so that it completely prevents any paid advertisements.
  • Snapchat does not use extensions or links at all.
  • It must have a minimum aspect ratio of 4:3, and a minimum horizontal resolution of 640 pixels.
  • Videos must be displayed vertically, be of high quality, audible and clear, and the content must fill the entire screen, where the horizontal bar must be prevented.

How to gain from platform lights

Users gain gains through the Adwaa platform by following a set of instructions and abiding by the terms and conditions of the platform, by going to Adware, by entering the Snapchat application, and the application must be downloaded for iOS or Android:

  • After that, go to the profile and then click on “choose my financial earnings” from the spotlight Snapchat platform.
  • The site requires entering all the information related to the payment process for the content creator, such as the name and surname, the person's address, phone number, code, and code for the Snap site, and also requires a phone number, and email and a set of details.
  • All information and instructions will come to the user's e-mail, a solution to how to operate the site and earn from the publisher's videos.
  • The money will be added to the person's account if videos are published that do not violate the rights and standards of the community, and videos that do not violate the property rights.
  • Thus, registration has been made on the platform, and all funds are deposited into the user's account for the videos he submits on the Adwaa platform.

Countries that can use the platform lights

There is a group of countries that are unique in benefiting from the Adwaa platform over others, and these countries are:

  • Algeria
  • Australia
  • the two seas
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Libya
  • Mexico
  • Morocco, West, sunset
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Oman
  • Palestine
  • Qatar
  • Kingdom Saudi Arabia
  • Sweden
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • United kingdom
  • United State

Al-Adwaa platform views

It is well known that the Adwaa platform is one of the platforms that makes a profit for individuals through its use, through the number of views that the videos get, meaning that the more views the video clips, the more amounts that individuals get, as the site is based on the number of views.

That is why video owners and content creators are always keen to get many views that increase income, the more views people get, the more money they get, like other video sites, but the price of content and video varies from country to country, where it is not possible to determine the amount that The individual obtains it only through the platform.