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12 best computer screen recording software with excellent quality

Finding the best video screen capture program for the computer is not as difficult as some imagine, as many free and paid programs are easy to use to obtain clear computer screen recording video clips to clarify a problem and provide the necessary explanation for the possibility of solving it, by photographing the computer screen to display a video Wafi sings a lot about explaining, whether by voice or writing and through this article, we will take you on a journey through the lines to get to know the best program for capturing the computer screen as a video of the highest possible quality.

It is no secret to anyone the importance of displaying content in front of viewers with sound and image through a computer screen, which is the best transmitter of information and an important, lively, and tangible means to provide explanations and instructions that any individual wants to communicate to people far from him, and this is the method used by some managers of companies and major institutions to display meetings on screens The huge for those who were unable to attend the sessions to see everything that was reached in the meeting.

Also, shooting a computer screen for a video using a computer screen capture program is very useful for the owners of private channels on YouTube to attract a lot of followers when the topic of the channel is how to fix mobile or computer defects, or convey the idea of ​​a new game by recording video clips explaining how to play And what are the special effects in this game before its spread, which contributes to the demand of many viewers to follow the videos and make the decision to purchase the game after they were able to watch its content through screenshots taken from the computer screen.

Therefore, many free programs have been designed that provide you with the opportunity to shoot video clips from your computer in HD by choosing the best computer screen capture programs with the highest quality to record lessons or games and the like.

HitPaw Screen Recorder

HitPaw Screen Recorder is one of the most important computer screen recording software where you can record screenshots of the games you are playing by taking a lot of pictures during the game broadcast, and the user of the program can record the entire screen or capture part of it by allocating a part to record it.

The program supports 4K screen recording and 4K video creation / 60 frames per second, and not only that, but you can record snapshots of your face through the webcam while presenting the explanation of the game.

Through the video screen capture program for the computer, you can take a picture within a picture, and draw on the screen. The program is available in more than one language, especially the Arabic language, and it is available in its free and paid version to record games while playing in excellent quality.

OBS Studio Free Screen Recording Software

OBS Studio is a great tool for capturing a video screen, and the user can download the trial version that is free from time restrictions, watermarks, and the ability to take video clips, whether in full screen or with a specific part. Internet.

The program is open source, which makes it difficult for beginners to use. It is designed for professionals and contains an infinite number of tools, functions, and features that professionals need to record videos from the computer screen and share them on YouTube.

That is why veteran players and practitioners of combat games on YouTube and Twitch channels resort to it to record video clips from their screens, due to the quality of the video and the purity of images and sound during live broadcasts while playing PUBG or Free Fire.

The program has many advantages other than that it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, does not add a watermark to the video recording and allows the user to create a lot of scenes and combine audio with filters for each source with a lot of options for broadcasting a distinct video.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder without Watermark

Apowersoft offers a computer screen capture program without a watermark more than one way to record the screen via the Internet by installing a tool that the user installs on his browser. It is a free tool that does not require a period for registration and without any watermark on the recorded material.

The other way is to install the program on the desktop, which is a trial version for a specific time, after which a fee is paid to subscribe to the service. The program allows you to take a screenshot of the entire screen or a specific part of it, with the possibility of enlarging the screen and changing its location.

The program is easy to use and features a simple interface. All you have to do is click on the red Rec record button to start taking video clips from your computer screen, with the ability to keep a backup copy on Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage services and broadcast video on Vimeo and YouTube. Suitable for those who provide tutorials for its ability to record mouse cursor movement, ability to modify recording in real-time, recording options, and control of clip format type, the software is not suitable for recording game broadcasts.

Screencast-O-Matic is a high-quality video recording program

Screencast-O-Matic allows its users to enjoy a PNG screen capture, play the recorder, open and edit downloads, crop, resize and rotate images, add animations and write texts on the captured clip.

It also has a feature to go back plan to modify the changes that were made and to record from the screen or through the webcam in 1080p resolution for the paid version.

The free version of the program has a lot of conditions, the most important of which is that it sets the recording time for you, which is 15 minutes, with the presence of the watermark, with a small display resolution that works with dimensions of 800 x 600 m, which is not valid for recording games, but it is useful for quick registration.

Therefore, buying the Deluxe version to enjoy the many advantages of the program and get rid of the time limit and recording clips recorded on the company's servers, with the ability to export the video to YouTube, and zoom the screen at the time of recording.

Free Cam is a completely free screen capture program

Free Cam is a wonderful program that achieves luxury for those who use it, and through the many features, it contains, it will replace any other application, and the free version does not contain watermarks, is free from annoying ads, and there is no limitation on the period for recording.

The program allows you to record the sound of the device and any programs running in the background, which helps you add audio clips to the recorded clips, and record directly from the microphone in the highest possible quality. You can take a full snapshot or cut out a portion of the screen and record it while adding the sound effects you want.

You can trim a specific part of the recording, block out background noise, raise or lower the volume, or mute it in specific parts of the recording.

Share videos to YouTube in HD 720p and in MP4, WMV format

FlashBack Express, a program to capture the screen video for games

An excellent program, especially if you are still a newbie in the world of recording and creating content from your screen to be exported to famous websites. It contains the content in addition to that it is a free program and is suitable for recording games.

It can record audio and programs running in the background, record from webcam and microphone sound with the highest quality and clarity of sound, and export the recording in a high-quality format. The great thing about the program is the recording scheduler, which enables you to record at specific times. You will even be able to record more than one screen and add the watermark you want.

If you want to edit the recorded video or modify the content and write captions on the video, download the paid version

Debut Video Capture is a computer screen recording software

Screen Recorder Debut Video Capture is the best screen capture and video program for the computer that has many advantages as it allows you to record presentations and visual explanations of Powerpoint, and services provided for broadcasting content on YouTube. Record video from the computer screen and with one click you can navigate between the different functions of the program.

You can choose the audio whether you want to record with the mic or computer, and it also can schedule screen recording times, only you can specify the date and time of the start and end of the recording and the audio source for automatic recording.

The only drawback of the program may be that it does not have its own video editor, so once you have finished recording you will need an editor for the recordings you made.

ShareX program to capture part of the screen

ShareX program to capture part of the screen, the best screen recording program for computers, it is open source and available on the Microsoft App Store, and provides its users with several options for recording video clips from the computer screen, whether it is a small part of a full screen, and it also allows the process of displaying the mouse pointer and determining its movement on the screen. Once you move it, the program contains a special editor to make adjustments to the recorded footage.

You can schedule recording times as either an animated GIF or a regular video recording.

You can share the recordings on cloud storage sites, with the ability to share them on social networking sites.

The program contains shortcut keys that make it easier for the user to navigate between different functions easily, and you can record in full screen, or on a window image while importing files and images from your computer.

Free Screen Video Recorder  is a desktop video recording software

DVDVideoSoft's desktop video recording program has a simple and distinctive interface that is easy to use, and it also includes its own addition called Free Audio Editor for editing audio clips, and although it is not professional, it modifies different audio tracks.

The application is free with a lot of features and recording in different formats with high quality and can record conversations that take place on social networking sites, so it is an important way to provide interventions via the mic and record Skype conversations, while taking screenshots easily, while providing several screen recording modes.

Screen capture software for PC allows you   to export more than one format (MP4, BMP, TGA, JPEG, PNG, GIF)

Unfortunately, despite all these advantages, the program is not suitable for recording computer sound and any programs running in the background, and it contains a lot of annoying ads.

CamStudio is a program for recording screen audio and video

CamStudio for screen capture, audio, and video is not just an ordinary program. When you install it for the first time, you will find that you are in front of two files, each file opposite to the other, and the two files are a codec file and the file for the program; But once downloaded and installed, you will be able to deal with it easily and record video clips from the screen, whether it is part of it or photographed completely.

Once completed, you can keep the recording as you wish. The application does not impose time restrictions on recording, does not contain ads that make your work fun, and does not include any watermarks.

CamStudio is open-source software that can record from computer audio or through a microphone, so it's a great option for recording presentations, with the ability to display the movement of the diamond cursor on the screen while recording.

You can navigate through the audio and video settings when you want to record a high-quality video, overwrite it, and add images and animations to the captured footage.

You can record a screen within a screen, and choose the quality of the clip export, with the ability to edit in the form of a mouse pointer

Perhaps what is wrong with this program is that it requires the user to install some of its own programs such as Chromium.

Ezvid HD screen capture software

The Ezvid HD screen capture program is considered one of the professional programs, so specialists, creators, and content makers depend on it to record high-quality videos from the computer screen for export on social media and the YouTube platform. The registration is for YouTube. You will have the option to participate via YouTube immediately after you have completed the registration.

Do not worry, the program is free despite all these features, it does not contain watermarks or annoying ads, there is no time limit for the period of recordings, you can use the shortcuts in the program, stop the temporary and final recording to record without using your hands.

Record a clip in excellent 720p video quality, controlling the clip’s extraction speed, adding the music clips inside the program, but it is flawed that it does not allow you to record in full screen

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder works on Windows and Mac operating systems and can record and record computer screenshots with the highest possible quality as it has many great features, features, and capabilities for screen capture. Through the program, you can make explanations and instructions on the desktop and record what you do Works supported by sound and image, and you can even make a montage of what you photographed in excellent quality and keep it.

You can add effects to the video clip after you finish recording it, and place frames around the screen to be able to define the shooting areas and draw the frame so that you can select a specific part you want to photograph, and specify its dimensions (height and width).

Save the recordings as video clips or GIFs, you can also upload them to Google Drive, YouTube, or any of the social media platforms.

The program is designed with a simple interface free of complexity. You can just press the recording icon REC to take a video screen recording with the ability to link it to a webcam to provide the necessary explanations and record audio and video simultaneously.

You can separate the sound from the image and record clips in different formats such as (AVI - MOV - MP4 - MKV).

You can capture screenshots only by taking snapshots and editing them after shooting, scheduling recording dates and times, and displaying the mouse pointer while recording.